If a sheep pretended to depart your remaining green grass – Go ahead, Labri!

The teacher has only one recourse: Scholastic, triggering the mandatory scolastisme that reaches the same way students and teachers. Changes are needed, they are urgent. there it goes the life and future of children, it is in the el health life educators. * ** The severity of our diagnosis will never be recorded however as a final admission of powerlessness over the situation imposed on us.

No one has the right to abandon the fight especially when it is in the intellectual health, mental, moral and social children. And we have continued to honor educators and educators who, in the worst circumstances, boldly know, generously, heroically kept open the equilibrium paths and progress. We say incredible monstrosity of “pits the bears,” but we will also as an encouraging glimmer of hope testimony from those of our colleagues who refuse to sink.

But what we want for all – and this is the essential reason for our action – is that we are the one and the other, able to classify the problems, see the evil and fight then, in class and out of class to finally break this cursed circle that seems to keep forever in his orb the evil destiny of schoolchildren and the cruelty of a task that could never throw the anathema on the function, after that of the mother should be the most sacred and most worthy. Continue reading “If a sheep pretended to depart your remaining green grass – Go ahead, Labri!”